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How to Choose the Right Type of Float Switch?

The iconic devices are used for detecting the liquid level in the tank. Depending on the liquid levels, these switches float on the water's surface. They can either move up or down.

A great benefit of float switches is that they are used for industrial and residential applications. They are also ideal for maintaining valves, pump devices, and alarms.


Even though you are aware of float switches, you may often get sceptical when it comes to choosing the right type of float switch. Here, we will talk about that in brief:

What is a Float Switch?

A float switch is a type of level sensor that helps to detect the level of liquid in the tank. It's exclusively used in the devices like pumps/alarms to control if the liquid rises or falls to any point. Float switches are cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use in a wide range of liquids.

Types, Features, and Applications of Float Switch

When it comes to float switches, there are a lot of things to know. These devices are differentiated on the basis of types, features, applications, and usage. Let's learn more here:

Types of Float Switches

  1. Stem-mounted float switches
  2. Cable-suspended float switches

Features of Float Switches

     Simple, feature-rich, and low-cost mounting

     It can be used for acids, chemicals, and other liquids

     Ideal to use with a temperature sensor/switch

     No auxiliary power source is required

     Can switch high voltages (230 V+)

     Bubbling, foaming, and ripples wouldn't affect the pump performance.

Application of Float Switches

     Low-level sensing

     Ideal for detecting any leak issues

     Level and temperature control

     Shut off during any overfill

     Regulating multiple/single levels

     High-level alarm

What is Gould's Float Switch?

Gould float switches are known for corrosion-free, sturdy, durable, and maintenance-free properties. It's a simple, reliable, and efficient level measurement solution that's used for a wide range of industrial applications. The best thing about Gould float switches is that they are designed for all budgets. You can expect the best quality pump at a reasonable cost.

Goulds A2WTC, Cast Iron Float Weight

These switches float on top of the liquid and act as mechanical switches. When the liquid level rises, the float switches turn on. Similarly, when the liquid level falls, the float switches turn off.

About Goulds Pumps

Gould pumps are one of the recognized brands providing advanced technologies and fluid solutions. The outstanding pump producers have been in the industry for more than 170 years. They are often appreciated for their old legacy in ITT portfolio and top-notch innovation over two centuries.

As per the Gould experts, the main reason behind their massive expansion in the industry is consistent growth. The company has continuously improved itself with confidence, management, money, materials, and resources. This has helped them to meet the requirements for successive generations.

If we dive through their history, the origin of Gould pumps dates back to 1848, when they came up with a wooden pump banded with iron. The company was exclusively founded by Seabury S. Gould, who was called a man of unusual vision.

His very first pump casting came off from the mould of the sand. However, with time, he understood the importance of sturdy pump structures and came up with iron pumps instead of wooden ones. He understood how iron pumps would be sturdy, efficient, and ideal for offering fresh flowing water to the pioneers.

The best thing about Goulds Manufacturing Company is that they weren't limited to pumps. Their product ranges were diverse with options like bells, sinks, tools, sad irons, corn shellers, engines, etc. In fact, it has been nearly 169 years since the Gould bell was launched, and you can still hear the ring loud and clear.

Until 1964, Gould was managed by family members, and they were the presidents of the company. However, eventually, the ownership passed to the public and employee ownership of stock.

As the company kept on meeting customer demands, it soon became a household name. This could be justified by the fact that there were ads for their products in the Saturday Evening Post and illustrations by Norman Rockwell (1920).

As far as the present is concerned, the company has evolved to become a dynamic global business with diverse customer product options. They have come a long way, from valves and monitoring equipment to aftermarket service/parts.

Pump Products

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How Little Giant Oil Sensor Controls Works?

If you have a pump at home, you must know oil sensor controls are an important part of the same. These feature-rich oil sensor controls can provide real-time monitoring of the oil quality and take action before it causes any problems. The outstanding device helps to proactively maintain the pumps and ensures their longer service life.

While several brands sell oil sensor controls, Little Giant oil sensor controls are one of the best-in-class products. It's secured with innovative features that ensure high-end performance to avoid any unnecessary wastage of time and money due to damage.

What is Little Giant Oil Sensor Controls?

Little Giant oil sensor controls are one of the best that use magnetic reed switches to measure oil levels. These sensor controls are designed to turn the oil pumps on or off when required automatically. You can consider oil sensor control as an oil float switch that opens or closes the circuit whenever the oil level fluctuates. Whenever these circuits open or close, it allows the pumps to turn off/on. There are lots of similarities between both oil sensors and float switches. However, they both differ in the fact that the oil level sensors work with oil instead of water.

The best thing about Little Giant oil sensors is that they are made with stainless steel. This means users wouldn't have to face any rust or damage. Besides that, it also ensures a sturdy construction for long-term use.

The Little Giant oil sensor has different automatic level controls, indicator lights, and remote alarms so that it can do its job perfectly.

The alarm panel in these devices can be connected to the oil-sensing sump system's remote panel, which comes with audio and visual alarms. Also, thanks to its outstanding single-piece sensor, these devices can be easily installed.


How is Little Giant Oil Sensor Controls Used?

Little Giant 513380, OS3-6E-1 1/3 HP, 115V, Oil Sensing Sump System

Little Giant sensor controls are used in engines' oil ducts and equipment's oil circuits. These devices provide relevant insights to come up with preventive maintenance decisions and avoid damage. It is an integral part of the pump that is secured in stainless steel to measure oil levels and act as per the situation.


Types of Oil Sensor Controls

There are different types of oil sensor controls in the market. Here are the most common ones of all:


     Mechanical sensors

     Pneumatic sensors

     Ultrasonic sensors

     Conductive sensors


Working on Oil Sensor Controls

Oil sensor controls work when the oil in the tank (or pump) decreases to a predetermined low level. When that happens, the reed switch in the sensors creates a circuit and sends a signal to the pump. This signal directs the pumps to fill the tank with oil. Once the oil gets filled to the maximum capacity, the magnetic reed switch re-opens the circuit. 

About Little Giant Pumps

Franklin Electric's Little Giant is one of the most efficient brands for manufacturing wastewater pumps for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. The history of the outstanding brand is quite interesting, as it started off with a problem noticed by a plumber. Thanks to that problem, the company has evolved to become industry leaders that can solve the pumping challenges of contractors, distributors, and homeowners.

Little Giants are known for producing pumping solutions for HVAC contractors and plumbing professionals throughout the world.

Back in 1926, a plumber named R.M. "Doc" Wolfe saw that many people were facing pump failures. He himself tried fixing pumps for air conditioners, but the products failed anyway. That's when he decided to collaborate with the inventor Harry Goodman and came up with the very first evaporative pumps.

Later, in the year 1942, the duo came up with the Little Giant Vaporizer and then the Little Giant brand. After their start, there was no looking back. They kept on manufacturing iconic pumps, starting from condensate pumps in 1950 to sump pumps in 1960.

The company also introduced one of its best-sellers, i.e., sump pumps, in 1980. They also released many other options for sump, sewage, effluent, sewage basins, and so on. By the year 1999, they further came up with more innovative products with VCMA condensate pumps and grinder pumps (2000).

In 2006, Little Giants was acquired by Franklin Electrics, and eventually, it became their signature brand. The outstanding partnership was a treat to pump professionals, as it drove more innovation in the team.

It has been 80 years since its establishment, and till now, the company has been going strong with its reliable and useful products. It's not just their pumps that are famous, but other products like oil sense controls are equally impressive. That's why Pump Products are proud distributors of their high-quality oil sensor controls in the U.S.

Pumps Products

Now that you know about Little Giant oil sensor controls, you must be curious to know where you can get them. The answer is Pump Products. With years of experience in distributing pumps, pump parts, and motors, we can assure you of the most high-end devices without spending a fortune.

Our vast stocks include products from all top-notch brands. All you need to do is name the brand, and we will get it delivered to you! We are also quick with our delivery, so you wouldn't have to wait for long.

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Innovative Technology Baldor General Purpose Motors

General purpose motors are the workhouse of several industries. These motors are exclusively designed for everyday use in a normal environment.

The motors are used in multiple applications, including pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, machine tools, material handling, and whatnot. When these motors are secured in an aluminum enclosure, they are suitable for multiple standard drive tasks in industrial environments.

Baldor general purpose motors are engineered to meet the energy efficiency requirements of the United States for general purpose industrial motors. The motors are created to offer high starting torque, overload capability, and reliability.  

What are General Purpose Motors?

General purpose motors are electric motors designed with operating characteristics so that they can be used without any restriction to a particular application. They are often considered synchronous motors because they work at a speed disparate from synchronous momentum.

The motors are designed to fit the everyday requirements of people. So, pumps or material handling can be used in several areas.

General purpose motors are also known for their reasonable cost, strong construction, and power. They are highly preferred among users for their maintenance-free life span and durability.

Types of Baldor General Purpose Motors- Single Phase & Three Phase

Baldor L1200, General Purpose Industrial Motor

Baldor general purpose motors are best-in-class products designed with efficient features and benefits. They are available in two types, i.e., single-phase and three-phase motors. Let's learn about it in brief:

Single Phase

Baldor single-phase general motors are electrically-powered machines that use a single-phase power supply for operations. It is ideal for running smaller equipment that requires less horsepower. 

Three Phase

Baldor three-phase general motors are manufactured in enclosed cast iron and industrial steel bands. These motors are created for harsh applications and offer great efficiency for best use. Three-phase motors are commonly used in industries like air handling, chemical, oil, gas, food, beverage, paper, etc. 

Innovative Technology of Baldor General Purpose Motors

Baldor general purpose motors are created with innovative technology to deliver the best-in-class experience. It's designed as a standard for inverter duty and has extensive torque speed ranges. The Super E Motors (EM and CEM) are ideal NEMA motors that deliver the NEMA premium efficiency.

Baldor general purpose motors have a robust design with adequate flexibility, reliability, and safety to fulfill customer needs. The products are created to minimize electrical consumption while maximizing productivity through new technologies. All in all, Baldor motors are designed to reduce operating costs and downtime for customer convenience.

Baldor Motors Company Overview

Baldor motors are one of the leading marketers, designers, and manufacturers of industrial electric motors, generators, and mechanical power transmission products. They are known for offering more than 10000 varieties of motors, drives, and gearboxes. Earlier, the brand was referred to as Reliance Electric. Their name changed from Baldor Reliance Motor to Baldor Industrial Motor and then Baldor. Currently, their name is ABB Baldor.

The headquarters of the brand is currently in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA. Their motors are renowned for being used in wastewater, manufacturing, food, and beverage industries.

ABB Baldor isn't limited to just general motors. They have an extensive range of products, including AC motors, DC motors, controls, brushless servo motors, grinders, buffers, and lathes. However, their general purpose motors are designed to meet customer needs. Pump Products is a proud supplier of Baldor general-purpose motors across the US. 

The best thing about Baldor products is that they are made of sturdy outer structures for corrosion-free operations. Not just that, its efficient features ensure that they are working flawlessly even in harsh operating conditions. 

Moving forward, ABB Baldor has association memberships with ABMA (American Bearing Manufacturers Association), AGMA (American Gear Manufacturer Association), and AMM (American Metal Market). Its memberships also include AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants), BSA (Bearing Specialist Association), and many more. 

In 2022, ABB Baldors received top honors for Electric Motors in the annual Control Design Readers Choice awards. Their Dodge Food Safe bearings bagged the manufacturing award by the Bearing Specialist Association (BSA). Their plant has also received state-wide safety recognition by the State of South Carolina (2020). 

With its services, ABB Baldor aims to provide more quality and beyond expectation outcomes to its customers. They are also more considerate of their cost and energy efficiency, so customers can get what they want! 

Pump Products

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Boshart Industries Well Pumps, Accessories, Controls, and Repair Parts

A well pump becomes essential when transferring water from a well to a storage unit. Are you also looking for the right well pump for your factory, industry, or manufacturing setup? If yes, you have reached the right place. 

Trust the best in the industry when getting a well pump. Boshart Industries’ well pumps are known for their robust performance, durability, and easy-to-use features. Keep reading as we outline everything about this brand and its offerings in this post.

Boshart Industries

Boshart Industries was established in 1955. It is one of the leading brands that have been meeting the fast-evolving needs of water well, plumbing, sump and sewage, industrial, irrigation, and pool and spa markets for over 50 years.

It offers a wide range of specialized and standardized hydronic product lines. The brand sells to wholesale distributors in the USA and Canada and offers high-quality Pro-Certified, and industry-leading products.

Boshart Industries Well Pumps

Boshart industries well pumps come with an automatic pressure regulator to offer hassle-free performance in deep wells. Moreover, it also features close-grained cast iron, a precision machined pump body, and a base to prevent corrosion. These pumps also have noryl impellers. They are vital in maintaining a perfect balance, the highest performance, and durability.

Boshart industry pumps have a high-quality adjustable pressure switch. These well pumps also have heavy-duty ball bearings, dynamically balanced rotors, and mechanical shaft seals. All the electrical parts of the machine are safeguarded against insects, dust, and dirt.

Boshart Industries A-Accessories

Boshart Industries offer durable and high-efficiency A-Accessories. It includes check valves, flow regulators, foot valves, and well caps.

Boshart Industries A-Controls

It includes pressure gauges, pressure switches, and relief valves. You can get various subcategories of these products on Pump Products

Boshart Industries A-Repair Parts

Here is the list of the top A-Repair Parts offered by Boshart Industries:

        Self-clamping cable guard

        Fast recovery 4-wire heat shrink kit

        All-weather pipe wrap trap

        Bronze pitless adapter

Benefits of Boshart Pumps and Accessories

Here are the advantages of Boshart pumps and accessories:

Supreme Adaptability and Flexibility – The best part about Boshart pumps and accessories is that they come with incredible flexibility. It is because every part is made with a wide range of materials, making it compatible with different types of pumps.

Durability – Boshart is a reliable brand that offers some of the most durable and robust well pumps in the market. Its products last longer as compared to other brands. Apart from this, the products come with impeccable performance and efficiency.

Ease of Use - Do you know what makes Boshart pumps and accessories one of a kind? They are super easy to use and maintain. In case of any performance inconsistencies, you can consult a professional technician.

Boshart 19-HP, Model BII Pitcher Hand Pump

About Boshart

Established in Ontario, Canada, Boshart Industries need no introduction. It is today one of the most well-known manufacturers and sellers of water wells and rough plumbing accessories. After being in for more than 6 decades into this business, Boshart has gained rich experience selling products directly to wholesalers and other companies.

Gary Boshart is the chairman and founder of the Boshart Group. His dedication to this industry is crystal clear. He aimed to provide quality products that could cater to the different dewatering requirements of the clients. He has been a part of the water well and plumbing industry since 1970. This experience seamlessly reflects the quality of products offered by the brand.

The Boshart Industries take immense pride in sharing long-term relationships with their customers, suppliers, leaders, industry partners, and team members. The company believed in investing and growing with the people. And this endeavor has brought a revolution in the plumbing and water well industry. Boshart Industries has emerged as a market leader due to this dedication.

Its premium quality products and accessories ensure seamless operations for your projects. Moreover, with an extensive quality assurance procedure, every product released under this brand is reliable and hassle-free.

Moreover, Boshart today rolls out a comprehensive line of products that has offered supreme sustainability to waterworks professionals for many years. Are you also looking for a reliable water well pump? Look nowhere when you got the best in the industry.

Pump Products is a leading platform that offers a wide variety of Boshart Industries products at the best rates to cater to your versatile needs. All you need to do is log in to their platform and search for Boshart Industries well pumps. Browse through the extensive range of products you get and pick the best for your industry or factory.

Pump Products

PumpProducts is a reliable master stocking distributor for branded pumps, pump parts, and electronic motors in the USA. We are dedicated to offering high-quality pumps, generators, motors, and accessories at the best prices. Pump Products is a one-stop platform for buying top brands like Boshart, Zoeller, Goulds, Marathon Motors, Liberty, Leeson, and Generac.

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Elevator Sump Pumps Selection Guide- Types, Features and Applications

Elevator sump pumps are useful for draining water from transformer vaults and elevator sump pits. It is exclusively designed with an oil detector that helps identify whether the oil is present. 

The elevator sump pump only operates when water is present and stops when oil is sensed. This prevents the pumping of oil into groundwater or sewage systems. All in all, it's a useful sump pump that keeps the water away from the building/households.

Before buying an elevator sump pump, you must stay familiar with its types, features, and applications. This will help you come up with the best elevator sump pump for use: 

What are Elevator Sump Pumps?

Goulds Elevator Sump Pumps

Elevator sump pumps are a type of pump that keeps all the underground water seeping through the soil within the building. The working principle of the elevator sump pump is quite simple. It comes with a pump basin underneath that collects the underground water in the soil.

Once the water reaches a specific level, it triggers the float switch and the motor starts. This pushes the water to the drainage pipe to eliminate it from the buildings/households.

Types, Features, and Applications of Elevator Sump Pumps

Elevator sump pumps offer the following features, benefits, and applications:


      The first line of defense against disasters like flooding

      Easy to maintain, install, and use

      An efficient sensor that differentiates between oil and water

      Operates if water is sensed

      Reasonable cost and reliable

      The oil removal system comes with an alarm when oil is pumped.


Elevator sump pumps are ideal for garages, elevators, manufacturing facilities, transformer vaults, and other facilities/areas where oil and hydrocarbon discharges are prohibited.

Types of sump pumps

      centrifugal pumps

      cantilever pumps

      sewage pumps

      bilge and ballast pumps

      submersible sump pumps

      utility pumps

Top 3 Trusted Elevator Sump Pumps That You Can Rely On

When it comes to getting the best and most trusted elevator sump pumps, three brands are leading the industry: This includes:

Gould Pumps

Gould pumps is a dynamic business that sells the most top-notch elevator sump pumps globally. They are exclusively headquartered in New York and are ideal for selling other products, including industrial pumps, valves, equipment, and treatment systems. 

While the brand has already dominated the pumping industries, they are likely to pace up its products through the adoption of smart technologies. Speaking of their present and the future, the company has been following the tradition of innovative market leadership. Currently, it has been more than 170 years, and they have become the oldest legacy in the pump domain.

Whether it's for management, material, money, or resources, Gould pumps have aced all the aspects to meet the demands of each generation.

Liberty Elevator Sump Pumps

Founded in the year 1991, Liberty pumps started as the Liberty Pump and Supply Co. for repairing oilfield equipment and related services. As time passed, Liberty pumps purchased TCWS with 12 vacuum trucks and four pump trucks. By 2003, they came up with two workover rings and provided wellness services to Permian Basin Operators.

In 2014, Virtus Oil Tools, Inc. was founded, which was ideal for offering both fishing and rental tools. They also came up with 36 workover rings, with TCWS of over 80 vacuum trucks and 26 pump trucks. The employee count of the company shot up as well.

Speaking of the year 2020, the brand has come a long way. Liberty and TCWAs have expanded their services into New Mexico, and also new services likes (plugging, abandonment, and wireline) have been introduced.

Zoeller Elevator Sump Pumps

Zoeller pump company was founded back in 1939 in a family basement. It is one of North America's oldest water pump manufacturers and is headquartered in Louisville, KY.

The company has been consistent for seven decades, and they have become a leader in the entire wastewater industry. Currently, the brand aims to evolve with continuous research and development and ensure best-in-quality services to its customers. They are committed to adding value to customers and providing them with the best support of all time.

Pump Products

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Baldor Motors Offers Effective Farm Duty Motors

Do you feel like having all-rounder machinery for all your farm and agricultural needs? Often people look for motors specifically designed for specific farm needs. Having motors that are specific for particular work can make a difference.

Fortunately, Baldor offers every machine! Whether it's aeration fan motors, crop drying motors, agricultural motors, or any other, Baldor farm duty motors have covered you. The best-in-class designs are safe, advanced, economical, and save lots of time. In addition, the machinery is tested for rugged conditions and offers durability and long life.

The easy installation and effectiveness are outstanding. Moreover, Baldor gives single-phase and three-phase Farm Duty NEMA motors for various farm applications.

Features of Baldor Farm Duty Motors

Baldor CHC3413A, Premium Efficient Farm Duty Motor

Baldor farm duty motors have various categories and variants that suit every individual's needs. But some of the characteristics they have are:

Features of Baldor farm duty motors:

     To prevent damage to the motor, there's mechanical protection of the centrifugal switch

     High-efficiency design

     Tan epoxy paint and thermal cover protect the motor

     Moisture resistant

     NEMA 56N flange mounts to driving/gearbox assembly in Baldor ANFL3514M

     No noise and vibration from regeneration in Baldor UCC5700

     Less sensitive to voltage variations

     Open drip proof(ODP) motors have screens to control the entrance of waste, snakes, and rodents in Baldor EM3218T.

Effectiveness of Premium Efficient Farm Duty Motors

The Baldor Premium Efficient Farm Duty Motors are specialling designed to meet the agricultural industry applications. The outstanding efficiency in standard NEMA frame sizes, four poles, and RPM speed is met in this range.

     It has some great features which make it very efficient:

     The use of 3-phase NEMA Premium efficient TEFC motors

     It comes in one in standard NEMA frame sizes, four poles, and 1800 RPM

     It has sealed bearings and high-temperature moisture resistant grease

     The design especially minimizes the possibility of impurities penetrating the bearings

Baldor Overview

Baldor's mission is to be the best designers, manufacturers, and providers of electric motors, generators, and other products. These electronics serve various industries, and the brand has gained immense customer trust over the years.

Baldor is an Arkansas-based company that was founded in 1920 and had a single mission to produce the best motors. One of the leading producers of motors in the USA, it always strives to increase quality and service in the field.

The company was founded by Edwin C. Ballman and Emil Doerr in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1920. Ballman was a curious engineer who had already patented a centrifugal switch that improved a motor's performance. Later, Ballman hired Doerr, a plant supervisor at the St. Louis Electric Company, where Ballman worked.

These young minds pooled, took a small lease shop, and opened a motor shop. This was the company's foundation that took tiny steps to become one of the leading electric motor providers. Now, the company believes in increasing quality and service to improve perceived value. Also, the aim is to reduce cost and time, improving perceived value.

In 1997, the company had an inventory of 4,400 stock products and 90,000 custom designs and a boastful share of 13 percent in the U.S. motor market.

ABB is the world's number-one manufacturer of NEMA motors and the Baldor-Reliance product brand. They serve every individual with best-in-class motors suited for HVAC, Chemical, Oil, & Gas, Food and Beverage, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Water, and Wastewater needs.

As the world is progressing, so are Baldor products. The company has come a long way and uses advanced technology to make sustainable, efficient, and durable motors. The company is working hard to reach sustainability by recycling, reusing, and creating environmentally friendly products. So, indulge in class, versatility, and the best prices with Baldor.

Pump Products

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Whether it's Grinder pumps, Boiler feed pumps, Sump pumps, Marine pumps, Centrifugal pumps, etc., we deal in authorized supply of all types of products. In addition, you can contact us for any pump brand, products, motors, controls, and repair parts. We offer one-day delivery and the most affordable prices. Moreover, we patiently attend to your requirements and advise you with the best products appropriate for your needs. offers fast delivery to all locations in the USA, even Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Even if we don't have a specific product in our inventory, we will call the supplier directly and deliver to your doorstep.

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Difference Between DC Motors and Gear Motors- Leeson Motors

If you have a fuel pump, you would know the importance of DC motors. DC motors work as an important aspect of automotive fuel pump applications. It works by drawing the fuel sitting in the gas tank throughout the pump assembly.

Gear motor, on the other hand, is the all-in-one combination of motor and gearbox. These motors offer efficient functions, including declaration, torque enhancement, and transmission.

Leeson DC and gear motors are best-in-class motors with top-notch benefits and features for fuel pump usage. However, there is a difference between both motor types. Let's know in detail:

What are DC Motor and Gear Motor?

DC or Direct Current motor is an electrical device that converts DC of electrical energy to mechanical energy. The design of a DC motor consists of an inductor or coil that creates a magnetic field for rotary motion. The internal part of the motor is secured with an iron shaft (covered with a coil of wire) and magnets on either side (North and South) for torque production.

Leeson M1125133.00, AC Parallel Shaft Gearmotor

Likewise, Gear motors operate through AC, i.e., Alternating Current, or DC, i.e., Direct Current. The main role of a gear motor is to multiply the output torque without augmenting the motor power consumption. As geared motors do not require multiple mounting and operations, they are quite efficient for use.  

Differentiate Between Leeson DC Motor and Leeson Gear Motors

Leeson DC motors rely on the force of the magnetic field, whereas Leeson gear motors have gear assembly attached to themselves. The role of DC motor types is to produce rotary, linear motion so that the force and motion can be in a straight line. But, in the case of gear motors, the attached gear assembly helps to increase the torque and decrease the speed.

The speed of DC (Direct Current) motors can be controlled by supply voltage or by modifying the strength of the current in the field winding. In gear motors, the speed can be controlled by the right combination of gears. It's also counted in shafts per minute and is expressed as RPM.

Leeson 118015.00, DC Explosion Proof Motor

Leeson Motors Company Overview

Leeson motors were formed back in 1939, and since then, it has become one of the top sellers of ac motors, dc motors, gear motors, and variable speed solutions. Whether you need it for OEM or for a single replacement motor, the brand can help you with all the requirements. Not only that, but its usage is also common for both commercial and industrial applications.

Leeson is known for being a brand with over fifty years of experience and innovation. While it has been dominating the farms and food preparation industry, its powerful products have made them market leader for several other applications. Besides the AC, DC, and gear motors, Lesson is also popular for its washdown-duty motor models. Pump Products is the proud distributor of Leeson Pumps across the US.

Looking back on the company history, Lesson was formed by brothers Christopher and Daniel Doerr in Wisconsin in 1972. Their family had a long-term legacy with motors. Earlier their grandfather, Emil Doerr, worked for St. Louis Electrical Works. He eventually started his own company.


In the late 1930s, Emil Doerr's son Lee along with his two brothers, established Doerr Electric. After that, the Doerr brothers started their own company and called it Leeson, as they were Lee's sons.

Leeson then went on to grow with its 48-frame motor and several other motor accounts with time. Within the span of the 1970s and 1980s, they came up with four acquisitions including, the Unison Dynamics, Moronics Corporation, Gear Systems, Inc, and Sandar Corporation.

The main reason behind the success of Leeson was the extreme dedication to customer needs. Their diverse choice of pump colors, along with customization options, made them even more popular across the customers.

They also had a very smart team backed up by professional engineers who would travel to any customer location for assistance. Their outstanding team would also design motors that meet the customer-specific application. It's because of their dedication and commitment that Leeson has come a long way in the pump manufacturing industry.

Pump Products

Do you want the best Leeson DC and gear motors for your fuel pump? Don't worry, Pump Products has got your back! Pump Products is one of the largest pump distributors across the US. We are known for high-quality products and reasonable costs in a hassle-free manner. Besides, we are also renowned for quick deliveries, thanks to our active and fast delivery personnel.

If you cannot find a product with us, we will make sure that we get it delivered to you by the manufacturers directly. This means that regardless of your demands, we will fulfill your orders successfully.

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