Monday, April 19, 2021

Utility Pumps Offer a Versatile Solution to Pumping Problems


AY McDonald dewatering pumps and Myers utility pumps – versatile solutions for your water woes.

Let’s say you’ve done everything by the books to protect your property from water stagnation. You’ve checked the gutters, consulted with experts, and even adjusted the slopes around the property – and yet, you are plagued by water woes. Standing water can lead to problems like swampy backyards, moss growth, mold, musty smells, damaged floors and walls, and a breeding place for mosquitoes and other parasites. There’s only so much water you can empty from these areas with a container. But what if you had a mechanism that pumped and drained water from these flooded areas efficiently and quickly? Think utility pumps.

What is a utility pump?

A utility pump is a multi-purpose pump that can remove standing water not containing debris or solid particles. The utility pump sucks out unwanted water and drains it into another area (for example, into a yard in need of watering, a water storage container, or a drain).

How does a utility pump work?

Most utility pumps usually work on the same mechanism. They create a pressure difference that forces the water from the inlet hose placed in the water to the outlet that drains into the desired area.  

Some areas a utility pump can work:

Utility pumps can be used indoors or outdoors for a wide range of applications like:

·        Unclogging sinks.

·        Draining hot tubs, aquariums, waterbeds, etc.

·        Removing large puddles from pool covers.

·        Extracting standing water from yards, basement floors, construction sites, stairwells, window wells, etc.

With a wide variety of utility pumps (submersible/non-submersible, permanent/portable, gas/ electricity powered, and manual/automatic pumps, which one is best for your application?

AY McDonald 6195-236

The 6196-236 is powerful submersible pump manufactured by AY McDonald and ideal for utility companies, municipalities, industrial users, and contractors.

A.Y. McDonald 6195-236, Model 01.5G.3V, Submersible Dewatering Pump  

Features and benefits:

·        Stainless steel casing, shaft, housing, and hardware, and cast-iron impellers make it sturdy and durable.

·        Oil-lubricated seals made of silicon, carbonide, and vitron ensure water cannot enter the house.

·        A 30-ft power cable ensures the pump can be placed at a lower depth.

·        With a 31-foot head and 1/3 HP, the pump can drain 50 gallons per minute (GPM).

·        A convenient hose connection on the discharge outlet allows you to connect standard hoses for drainage.

·        Slim design and lightweight ensures easy transportation and portability.

·        A thermal breaker protects the motor by automatically shutting down the power when the motor gets heated.


A.Y. McDonald 6195-000

The A.Y. McDonald 6195-000 is a powerful battery-operated dewatering pump, ideal for contractors at construction sites, utility companies, industrial uses, and municipalities.


A.Y. McDonald 6195-000, Model 303022SP, DC Dewatering Pump

Features and benefits

·        The pump is lightweight (33 lbs.) and easily portable.

·        The 0.33 motor can drain a maximum of 43 gallons of water per minute at a discharge height of 5 feet.

·        A convenient 30-foot power cord is standard with the 6195-000.

·        A carrying case is available (optional) to protect the pump during storage and transit.

·        The pump can be used with any automobile or 12-volt truck battery.

·        Color-coded battery leads ensure easy use.

·        Self-lubricating shaft seals ensure the seals’ durability and make the pump more durable than other pumps in this category.

AY McDonald:

AY McDonald Mfg. Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps, plumbing, waterworks, and natural gas products. The company is widely known for its tradition of quality, reliability, and customer service. Headquartered in Dubuque, IA, the company manufactures various industry-standard pumps to meet various pumping situations.

Myers SPS-4 Thermoplastic Utility Pump

The Meyers SPS-4 pump is a powerful but economical, ideal for a wide range of light-duty applications. It can be used to effectively dewater shallow flooded areas like basements, swimming pool covers, flat roofs, window wells, etc.

Myers SPS-4, Dewatering Utility Pump


Features and benefits

·        Myers' utility pump is a high-output performance pump that uses ¼ horsepower and can remove standing water down to 1/8th inch.

·        A removable inlet screen allows for easy cleaning.

·        At 9 lbs. and with a built-in handle, this dewatering pump is easily portable.

·        The air-filled motor house ensures it does not require any oiling.

·        The mechanical shaft seals last up to ten times longer than lip seals, making it a durable product.

·        Built-in thermal overload protection system protects the motor from overheating.

·        The pump can be plugged into any 115V outlet with a standard hose.


The F.E. Myers Company was founded by brothers Philip and Francis Myers in Ohio in 1870 to build and supply products for the farming community. The company grew in size and reputation through the years, becoming an industry leader in multiple markets. Today, Myers is a division of Pentair Ltd. And manufactures an excellent line of utility pumps. is a Master Stocking Distributor of the most extensive and assorted range of high-quality pumps, including AY McDonald dewatering pumps and Myers utility pumps, generators, and electric motors. The company strives to deliver products quickly, efficiently, and at the most affordable rate available anywhere in the United States.