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Know More About Myers Well Pumps |

Is there anything better than getting instant water access from your well? It is cost-effective, and you get an endless water supply without facing any shortage, which is so worth it! But, amidst all, it is tough to draw water every day from a well, especially because you have to pull the heavy pulley.

In such a situation, what's the easiest way to draw water from a well?

The answer is well pumps.

Myers well pumps are sturdy, effective, and high-performing pumps useful for drawing potable water from the well and springs to the surface. These well pumps come in multiple types, including jet well pumps and submersible well pumps, to deliver the best results for water supply.

Myers Well Pumps - Features and Benefits!

Myers well pumps are of different categories like convertible jet pumps, shallow well jet pumps, and jet pump vertical deep well. Each of these is feature-rich and designed for different residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These high-quality pumps ensure strong performance and the best quality outcomes for well-to-surface water transformation.

Features of Myers Well Pumps

Vertical Deep Well Pumps:

     Cast iron body structure

     416 stainless steel body and motor shaft

     Automatic pressure regulator

     High-quality pressure switch

     Motor windings with superior insulation materials

     Noryl impeller

Convertible Jet Pumps:

     Myers convertible jet pumps have a heavy-duty cast-iron case along with the motor bracket

Myers HJ50D, Deep Well Jet Pump, HJ Series

     Mechanical shaft seal constructed with ceramic face and stainless steel

     Double-bearing motor with voltage selector switch.

     Dual-adjustment pressure switch (with on/off pressure settings)

     Priming tee for shallow well models, Pressure regulator for deep models

     Stainless steel impeller wear ring

     Priming screen


Shallow well jet pumps:

     Enhanced shallow well design

     Thermoplastic impeller (corrosion resistant)

     Thermostat diffuser (stainless steel wear ring)

     Quick and easy priming

     Internal thermal overload protection

     Consistently lubricated double-ball bearings

     Not overloading, continuous duty rating


Benefits of Myers Well Pumps

     Internal components are secured so that no foreign material enters. So, it's safe for use.

     Easy to use and maintain

     Leakproof due to seals and gaskets

     Does not produce much noise

     Efficient and resistant to corrosion

     Less maintenance cost

     Reasonable overall price


Myers Company Overview

Myers is a recognized and accepted pump brand with high-performing products for sale. It was founded in 1870 by two brothers, Francis and Phillip Meyers. They started by building farm implements and then the first double-acting hand pump that had the potential to deliver water on both upward and downward strokes. Eventually, with their hard work and dedication, the brand became Myers pump which manufactured several wastewater removal and industrial pumps.

At present, the CEO of the company is John L. Stauch, and it has over 9500 worldwide as of August 2020. One of the best things about Myers Pumps is the wide range of products that can be used for truck washing, sewer cleaning, water treatment, and well fracking. Their products are also efficient for dewatering, hydrostatic testing, food processing, industrial service, and other areas that require pumps.

Myers is renowned for its range of residential products, including sump, effluent, and utility pumps/accessories. Their well pumps are powerful and quieter than most well pump models. Also, the sealed bearing without any old lubrication ports makes it even more outstanding. Pump Products stocks their top-rated well pumps and well pump end-only categories for sale. We deliver the best Myers well pumps, with all the specifications and features you might need for use. 

Myers ST5-20PLUS-2, 4" Submersible Well Pump End

Besides residential use, Myers has also manufactured submersible solids handling pumps, grinder pumps, and reciprocating pumps. These pumps are perfect for commercial, municipal, and industrial use.

All in all, Myer well pumps have been selling durable trustworthy products for many years now! This is the reason why they have numerous customers associated with the brand for the long term.

Pump Products

Doesn't Myers' well pump seem perfect for adequate water supply at home? Of course, it does! That's why Pump Products stocks the most reasonable and feature-rich Myers well pumps for your purchase. 


We are a popular distributor of pumps, pump parts, and motors that teams up with renowned brands worldwide. This includes names like Goulds, Zoeller, Baldor, Liberty, Marathon Motors, Generac, and Leeson, to bring the best pumps for sales. 


We have pumps for all budgets! So, whether high or low, we can deliver the best pumps per your preferences. Also, our experts are dedicated to delivering the products timely to your door so that you wouldn't face any delays.

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Fountains and waterfalls are great ornamental structures for your house gardens. But not many people know that if the fountain water stands for a day, it can turn into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Not to forget about the algae build-ups, which are equally gross.

To avoid such situations, it's important to maintain a consistent flow of water in fountains and waterfalls. And what's the best way to do so? Fountain pump.

Little Giant Fountain Pumps are centrifugal pumps that can maintain a consistent circulation of the water in your fountain and waterfalls. It can prevent the water from stagnating and keep the fountain free from unwanted accumulations.

Little Giant Fountain Pumps are also useful for streams and filtration systems. They are designed to provide a good water flow rate and adequate pressure for high-level performance.  

Fountain Pumps: Features and Benefits

Fountain pumps can be categorized as per their application, operation method, and efficiency. Based on the fountain pump models, they can offer various useful features and benefits like:

     Good pumping height; for example, the Little giant 566609 model offers a maximum pump height of 12 ft.

Little Giant 566609, Model PE-2H-PW, Series PE, Statuary Fountain Pump


     Hooded volute indicated as H

     Pre-filter for pump protection

     Reasonable cost

     High working efficiency and performance

     Elongated power cord for better use

     Sturdy exteriors for durability

     Compact design for better storage

     Energy efficient

Little Giant Pump Company

Little Giant Pump Company is one of the leading manufacturers of self-contained and electric-motor-driven pumps. Their start-up story dates back to 1926, when plumber R.M. "Doc" Wolfe faced problems with pump operations.

He was frustrated with the recurrent pump failures and decided to do something about it. This was also the time when air conditioning units were becoming popular. At that time, the AC units had pumps to draw water into a screen for evaporative cooling.

Wolfe was tired of fixing these pumps as every time he did it; they would break down again. Looking at the issue, Wolfe and Harry Goodman came up with a solution, i.e., an evaporative pump. They manufactured the pump together, and it became an instant hit!

In the year 1941, they came up with another product, i.e., Little Giant Vaporizer. This was also the start of a new brand called Little Giant. Little Giant then went on to produce different types of pumps with time.

In 1950, they introduced condensate pumps with C2 and C3 products. They also launched other useful pumps like sump pumps (1960), 5-MSP (1980), VCMA condensate pumps (1999), Grinder pumps, and so on.

In the year 2016, Little Giant was acquired by Franklin Electric, a global provider of both water and fuel systems. They went on to become a signature brand for Franklin Electric. For over 80 years now, Little Giants has been committed to offering reliable and high-quality products to their customers.

Little Giant claims its products to be "compact yet powerful." They also consider their technical knowledge to be "streamlined yet impactful."

Although Little Giants are known for a wide variety of pumps, their fountain pumps are prominent for offering a high-end performance. For example, their Little Giant 566604 fountain pump model is designed for continuous operations in filtration, garden streams, and waterfalls.

It has a direct-drive pump design and produces adequate starting torque and pressure than mag-drive pumps. In addition, its maximum pumping height of 7 inches makes it one of the most efficient fountain pumps of all time. 

Little Giant 566604 Model PE-1H-PW, Series PE, Statuary Fountain Pump

In honor of completing 80 years, Little Giant revitalized the brand's look and feel. But, as per Wayne Neault (Senior unit business director, Franklin Electric), they have only improved the look of the brand. The products are still feature-rich and innovative, thanks to their long-term expertise. Pump Products is a proud distributor of Little Giant pumps.


Pump Products

Do you want the best fountain pump for your garden? Check out the large collection of fountain pumps at Pump Products. We are one of the leading pump and parts suppliers that are well-stocked with best-in-class products for our customers.

Our team of qualified engineers can help you find custom-fitted equipment for pump application. We also have experienced customer care representatives who can guide you through the pump selection and sizing process.

With our long-term experience in the industry, we can also answer all your pump-related inquiries. In addition, we can ship your product throughout the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, Guan, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands. You just name it, and we will be there!

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Marathon HVAC Motors at Best Price |

HVAC motors are the core component of HVAC systems. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Contrary to popular belief, HVAC motors are not only for places with hot climatic conditions. Ventilation is a need for every industrial unit. Even in the domestic setting, air conditioning and ventilation are key aspects to take care of.

Marathon HVAC motors are among the best in the market. There are various types of HVAC motors in the market, and Marathon manufactures all the leading variants. But before we get into HVAC motors and their types, let's have a look at the general use cases for HVAC systems.

Where are HVAC motors used?

As we already mentioned, HVAC motors are the powerhouse of HVAC systems. That brings us to the question of where HVAC systems have the most utility. Let's explore more about it.

Industrial complexes

Industrial complexes require high-quality ventilation systems to ensure that the workers are safe and healthy. Beyond that, there are several particular industries where heating or cooling is very important. HVAC systems play a key role in all such industries.

Commercial spaces

Commercial spaces like shopping malls, museums, halls, hotels, and many other places require top-notch HVAC systems. It ensures the best experience for the people working there and the customers. Apart from ventilation, commercial spaces can require both heating and cooling depending on the external conditions.

Domestic units

Domestic spaces like apartments and houses may not need ventilation at a level that an industrial complex needs. However, they still require heating and cooling systems depending on how hot or cold the place is. Homeowners want to get the most effective yet affordable HVAC systems to make sure that they are comfortable even in harsh weather.

Types of HVAC Motors

As you can already see, there are different use cases for HVAC systems. As a result, there are different types of HVAC motors as well. Let's find out more about them:

Condenser fan motor

Condenser fan motors are among the most common motors for HVAC systems. It is a sturdy motor variant that can withstand both rain and harsh sunlight. It is typically used in outdoor settings.3

Marathon 048A17O169, Condensor Fan HVAC Motor

Blower motor

Blower motors are also common, but not as much as condenser fan motors. They share many similarities in terms of appearance with condenser fan motors. When it comes to construction and architecture, blower motors are more complex than condenser fan motors.

ECM Motor

ECM stands for Electronic Control Module. ECM motors are indeed blower motors with an attached electronic control module. That makes ECM motors much more advanced than the blower of condenser fan motors. They are among the most expensive type of HVAC motors and also perform the best.

Combustion fan motors

Combustion fan motors come with one capacitor and no wires. They are not general-purpose motors. Combustion fan motors have a specialized use case in gas furnaces. They are typically used in industrial settings.

Why Marathon HVAC motors are the best in the market

There are undoubtedly many companies that manufacture HVAC motors. However, not all of them deliver world-class HVAC motors. Marathon is among the best manufacturers of HVAC motors in the market. Now it is a part of the Regal Rexnord business group. The company was founded in 1955 in Beloit, Wisconsin. At present, more than 29,000 people work for the company, and it is also a part of the Fortune 1000 companies.

Marathon is among the earliest companies to bring HVAC motors to the mainstream. The special thing about this company is the attention to detail that they put into every component. When we think about industrial objects like motors and fans, we do not give due credit to the engineers who have put in the hours. However, products from Marathon will force you to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing of each unit.

Despite facing steep competition from rivals for many years, Marathon has managed to hold its position as the best HVAC motor manufacturer. No other company is able to match the consistency in quality that Marathon delivers. Today it is one of the leading HVAC motor choices for both domestic and commercial spaces.

If you are looking for the best HVAC motor, you can get anywhere in the market, go for Marathon motors. Considering the importance of motors in HVAC systems, there is no point in experimenting with cheap and poor-quality motors.

Head over to for the best Marathon HVAC motors is the number one choice for anyone who has some experience in the pump and motor sector. You can buy the best Marathon HVAC motors from Not just that, it is a one-stop solution for all pumps, motors, and parts.

CSI Alarms & Control Panels | Reliable Control & Monitoring Solutions - How They Work? Features and benefits!

Wastewater and water treatment plants are often faced with many operational and automation problems. Tools that can prove to be very useful in overcoming these challenges are pump control panels and water alarm systems. CSI Controls provides a wide range of control and monitoring solutions for meeting all your automation and operational needs. High-quality control products like CSI Control Panels and CSI Alarms are designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and simplify the operations of water and wastewater industries.

CSI Controls is known for developing reliable and highly-efficient pump control solutions, like control panels, CSI Alarms, control switches, pump switches, and more. To understand the functions and benefits of CSI Alarms and Control Panels, let’s look at each individually.

CSI Pump Control Panels

Pump control panels allow the pump operations to run automatically while monitoring other important aspects of the pump motor to ensure its smooth functioning. When there is so much riding on the pump operations, you need control panels designed with quality, performance, and safety in mind. CSI Controls provides a range of high-quality control panels with UL/cUL certifications to meet all your project specifications. CSI also provides Fusion Plus Control Panels designed to meet all your advanced needs. Here are the basic types of Control Panels manufactured by CSI Controls. The models in each of these categories can be found on Pump Products.

CSI EFS115, Fusion Economy Control & Alarm Panel Series

1. RK Series Float Control Panels

·         The RK Series consists of single-phase and three-phase models, which come with simplex, duplex, timed dose, demand dose, and capacitor start/run models.

·         Protective inner door: Control buttons, panel operating status indicators, access to circuit breakers.

·         Comes with an optional digital display (cycle counts, elapsed time, timed dose control)

·         NEMA 4X enclosure rating.

2. RK Series 4-20mA Transmitter Control Panels

·         This RK series also consists of single-phase and three-phase models, which come with simplex, duplex, timed dose, demand dose, and capacitor start/run models.

·         Continuous level sensing through 4-20mA input

·         Protective inner door: control buttons, LCD display, panel operating status indicators, access to circuit breakers.

·         Compatible with SLX Transmitter, CS4-20 Transmitter, and any 4-20mA sensing device.

·         NEMA 4X enclosure rating.

3. PRO-Grade Control Panels

·         These are designed for commercial applications in restaurants, hospitals, stadiums, parking garages, etc. They come in single-phase and three-phase models with simplex and duplex iterations.

·         Line voltages (120V to 480V)

·         Low voltage (12VDC) interface for float, etc.

·         NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X enclosures rating.

4. Power Zone Control Panels

·         These come in single-phase models with simplex, duplex, demand dose, and timed dose iterations.

·         LCD display with easy to read options

·         Continuous level sensing through 4-20mA input

·         NEMA 4X rating.

5. SJE Panel Link Controller

·         Cloud-based monitoring of wastewater pump stations.

·         Option to track system performance (visually)

·         Read station data using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

6. Fusion Plus

·         IEC rated starters

·         Control panels with maximum SCCR 5kA

·         Inner door with indicators and operators

·         Enclosure sizes up to 30 x 24 x 12 inches

·         3-week build-to-ship

·         Affordable solutions

·         4-hour quote response

·         Multiple enclosure options

Benefits of using CSI Control Panels

·         Trouble-free operation.

·         Safety.

·         Protects against sudden burnout of pump.

·         Protects pumps against dry runs.

·         Increases pump motor life.

·         Easy monitoring and handling.

·         Reduces pump maintenance costs.

CSI Alarms

CSI Alarms alert the users about dangerous water levels in a tank before it becomes a problem. CSI offers a line of high-quality liquid level alarms, which can be used in a various like sump pump basins, sewage, holding tanks, lift pump chambers, etc.

CSI 1035488, CS1000 Series, Indoor Alarm System

1. CS2004E Alarm

·         Audible alarm with red light

·         Control switch – 15 ft.

·         External T/N/S toggle switch

·         Power cord with seal-tight cord connectors

·         Latching lockable enclosure

2. CSION® WiFi Alarm

·         Monitoring and reporting 2 alarm conditions

·         No monthly fees

·         Easy installation

·         Excellent for places with poor cellular service.

·         Non-Wi-Fi model options are also available.

CSI Controls overview

CSI Controls has provided liquid-level control products in the United States since 1993. Currently headquartered in Ashland, Ohio, CSI Controls manufactures a complete line of high-quality control products, revolutionizing the water and wastewater industry operations. The innovative products include CSI Alarms, float switches, and Fusion Plus Control Panels.

The control panels and other liquid-level monitoring devices are built using the highest safety standards. The CSI employees are involved in each production stage, from the design and engineering to the layout, metal fabrication, wiring, and testing. Before shipping the products, the company also conducts thorough in-house testing to ensure the product's optimum performance. The company always strives to achieve the best in its business and provides its customer with outstanding performance.

Pump Products

 Pump Products is an e-commerce retailer offering a wide selection of pump products, from motors and pumps to pump parts, at the lowest possible rates. If you are interested in buying CSI Alarms and Control Panels, visit our site today. In case you need any assistance in selecting products or have any queries, you can call our toll-free number at 1-800-429-0800 today!

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Ion Technologies: Basement Flood Protection Product Line

Spring is here. It is a lovely season with warmer weather, longer days, and flowers blooming. However, another problem comes with spring, and that is basement flooding. Every home runs the risk of basement flooding, and when there is snow melting outside or heavy rain, the risk increases. The good news is that there are measures to reduce the risks of basement flooding. You can use sump pumps, effluent pumps, and sewage pumps to prevent basement flooding and cause property damage.

What are sump pumps?

Sump pumps are pumps you use to remove water from the basement of your house. It works by removing water collected in a sump pit, mostly found in basements of homes. Sump pits are typically 60cm in diameter and have holes on the sides. When the water level rises, water drains into the sump pit, and the sump pump pumps it out away from the foundation of the house. It is a small addition that you can make to your house to prevent the risk of basement flooding.

Ion Technologies MPK20268, JSPII Preassembled Sump & Battery Backup System

Having a sump pump in your home offers many benefits, including:

-       Prevent basement flooding

-       Improve air quality indoors

-       Keep your basement dry all year round.

-       Ensure that your foundation remains intact with no cracks

-       Keep appliances in your basements, such as washers and dryers, safe from water damage.

-       Reduce fungus, mold, and mildew growth

-       Prevent wall coverings and paint from peeling

What are effluent pumps?

Effluent pumps are used in septic tank effluent pump systems. The pump is usually located in a separate chamber in the septic tank system. The sewage sinks to the bottom and eventually gets pumped out by a sewage removal truck. Once the gray water reaches a certain level, it flows into the second part of the treatment system. The effluent pump then pumps this gray water into a leach field or the municipal sewage system.

Ion Technologies M5000M41MN, X-OneM Sump-Effluent-Ejector Pump

The benefits of an effluent pump are:

-       It helps expel fluids from your house, especially if your house is built at a lower level than the septic system.

-       If your bathroom is lower than the wastewater entrance, effluent pumps help get wastewater from your house.

-       If your house lacks access to public sewers, effluent pumps help your septic tank be placed at an elevated level.

What are sewage pumps?

Sewage pumps are used for transporting sewage and untreated wastewater. In residential applications, sewage mostly consists of solids up to 2 inches in diameter. The pump pumps the sewage from a sewer system into a septic tank.

Ion Technologies MHP20223, SHV40M-11 Sewage Ejector Pump

The benefits of a sewage pump include:

-       It keeps the flow of liquids and waste even and consistent.

-       With the ability to move hundreds of gallons of matter per minute, it is quick and straightforward handling of your waste.

-       A sewage pump prevents the buildup of waste material

Have you been struggling with basement flooding? Get sump pumps, effluent pumps, and sewage pumps from PumpProducts. We are a quality Ion Technologies pumps and parts distributor, and we stock a wide variety of Ion Technologies pumps at attractive rates.

Ion Technologies pumps

Ion Technologies Pumps is a renowned manufacturer of pump products specializing in basement flood protection. Their flagship StormPro pumps and battery backup systems can remove more water per minute than many other pumps available on the market.

Ion Technologies has more than 60 years of experience in design, engineering, and consulting expertise. Promising complete basement flood protection, Ion Technologies pumps are a relief for homeowners. The company manufactures high-quality pumps engineered and designed to face wastewater and stormwater challenges.

Manufactured in the USA, Ion Technologies also offers a complete range of pump solutions across a multitude of industries. The company manufactures a complete line of storm and sewage pumps for various residential and commercial applications. The pumps are built with high-quality components to ensure durability and reliability. Some pumps also come equipped with an Ion+ digital level control switch with an in-built highwater alarm.

Offering a wide variety of pump types, Ion Technologies is extremely popular among plumbers and homeowners. Most of Ion Technologies sump pumps also come with a battery backup pump system to provide extra protection during heavy rainstorms and power loss. For better pump control and monitoring, Ion Technologies pumps fully integrate with pump controls for streamlined integration, allowing seamless communication between homeowners and their sump systems.

PumpProducts is currently stocking Ion Technologies Effluent Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Sump Pumps, and more.

Are you looking for basement flood protection solutions? Then Ion Technologies pumps are the best in the market. PumpProducts has one of the largest inventories available in the market. You can buy from us online, and we will ship the part anywhere in the US. Check out our extensive range of Ion Technologies pumps on our website today. You can also call us at 1-866-551-2592.

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Pentair Sta-Rite Full Line of Well Pumps

Most modern homes have access to clean, potable water. However, even if your house does not have access to a municipal water system, it is still possible to have fresh water. All you need to do is hook a well pump to a nearby freshwater source.

Wells may be of different sizes and depths. That is why it is essential to pick the right well pump for maximizing efficiency.

What are well pumps?

Well pumps are pumps that you install after digging or drilling a well. The job of a well pump is to pump water from the well into your house. These pumps come with an electric motor that drives a centrifugal pump or an impeller pushing the water from the well into the pipes.

The size of the well pump you need depends on three things:

·          The size of your property

·          The amount of water your household uses

·          The number of plumbing fixtures in your house

What are the different types of well pumps?

Jet pumps

Jet well pumps offer a lot of flexibility, which is the reason they are the most common. They can work in all wells, whether they are shallow or deep. Since they need to be placed underwater, these pumps are always watertight and barely need maintenance. The benefit of a jet well pump is that it is affordable, and since it is mostly set on a mechanical housing next to the well, maintenance is also quite easy.

Jet pumps are the most powerful and deliver water faster than other pumps.

There are two types of jet pumps- one for shallow wells and one for deep wells.

Shallow jet pumps are ideal for wells with a depth of 25 feet or less.

Sta-Rite CJ90E, Self-Priming Shallow Well Jet Pump

Deep well pumps can operate at greater depths, even up to 100 feet. As depth increases, the efficiency of the pump decreases because the motor needs to work harder to pump water.

Sta-Rite MSD-7, Vertical Deep Well Jet Pump

Are you looking for high-quality well pumps? Sta-Rite well pumps are some of the best in the market and definitely worth a look.

Sta-Rite well pumps

Sta-Rite is one of the leading pump manufacturers in the world. William C Heath founded Sta-Rite in 1934 in Delavan, Wisconsin, while he was still the President of A.O. Smith Corporation. Heath was driven by the passion for building pumps that last long and “stay right.” Hence, the name Sta-Rite.

In the early years, the company found success with jet and centrifugal pumps. The success encouraged the company to expand into submersible pumps and motors. During the 1970s, Sta-Rite also diversified into dairy, communications, and fluid power products.

Sta-Rite acquired the WICOR Industries in 1982 and also went public on the New Year Stock Exchange. The company also acquired Flotec, which is a retail pump line, in 1985. In 1986, Sta-Rite bought the Berkeley pump company.

In 1991, Sta-Rite divested all their non-water-related businesses to focus on their core strength. They acquired the Simer brand of retail pumps in 1999. Sta-Rite bought Aermotor in 2002, taking over their complementary products, which included 4-inch submersibles, centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, and accessories.

Pentair, Inc. bought Sta-Rite in 2004. Pentair is a leader in the water industry, and taking over Sta-Rite allowed it to transform into a global water technology business.

Pentair Sta-Rite is one of the leading names in the pump industry, selling a wide range of pumps, tanks, motors, controls, and accessories in over 100 countries in the world. They offer a comprehensive range of pump solutions across a multitude of industries.

PumpProducts is a stocking Sta-Rite pump and parts distributor. We have Sta-Rite Pumps for sale at some of the lowest prices online. We carry an extensive collection of Sta-Rite Well Pumps. Currently, we are stocking Sta-Rite well pumps in several categories, such as Jet Pump Convertible, Jet Pump Shallow Well, Jet Pump Tank package, Jet Pump Vertical Deep Well, and more.


Are you looking for good-quality well pumps? You have come to the right place. At PumpProducts, we offer well pumps from some of the leading brands in the world, including Sta-Rite well pumps. Are you unsure about the right size of your well pump? Don’t worry! Our engineers can answer all your queries regarding the size of the pump. They are pump experts and can help provide all the selection and sizing assistance you need. For more information, call us on 1-866-519-3960 or visit our website today.

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Know more about Little Giant Series’ Pond Pumps

It is not wrong to call a pond pump the heart of a pond. Pond pumps are an essential part of the filtration system used in ponds. Without pond pumps, it is not possible for the filter units to circulate water. Circulation is crucial to keep the water oxygenated and healthy and is also important to maintain the entire ecosystem of the pond. All life forms in the pond are able to survive and thrive since oxygen passes through the water.

A pond pump can benefit a garden pond regardless of its size. They can also create beautiful water features, such as a fountain, waterfall, or a gentle rippling effect.

Pond pumps are available in a wide variety of sizes with an equally wide range of features. For instance, you may need a bigger pump for a fish pond compared to a fountain pump. Pond pumps are sized in GPH (gallons per hour). That’s why you should know the volume of your pond to ensure adequate circulation. Without sufficient circulation, the plants and animals in your pond may die.

Types of pond pumps

There are many different pond pumps available in the market today.

Submersible pumps

Submersible pond pumps are designed to go inside the pond. Ideally, these pumps should be placed at a location that makes them accessible for maintenance while ensuring the best circulation of water. Since they remain submerged in the water, these pumps create a more natural setting. The only inconvenience that these pumps present is that they need to be periodically pulled out of the water for routine maintenance.

External pumps

External pond pumps have to be fitted outside the pond, and since they are not submerged in water, they also require lesser maintenance than submersible pumps. They also tend to have a longer service life compared to submersible pumps. Although external pumps require less energy than submersible pumps, they are louder and often need to be camouflaged. For instance, a standard submersible pump requires about 750 to 1200 watts to operate, whereas a 6000 GHP external pump only needs about 450 watts.

Direct drive pumps

Direct drive pumps are more suitable for powering water features that have a high head height. These pumps also require a considerable amount of energy to run. Direct drive pond pumps are most self-priming and will draw water to them.

Magnetic drive pumps

These are the most energy-efficient of all pond pumps. Although magnetic-drive pumps are costlier than direct drive models, you will end up saving a lot on utility costs in the long run. Since they are oil-free, these pumps are also safe for fish ponds. Magnetic drive pumps are not suited for high head applications since they cannot push water to significant heights.

Are you in the market for pond pumps? Little Giant Pond pumps are some of the bests in the market. PumpProducts carries the largest inventory of Little Giant pumps available online.

Little Giant Pond pumps

Little Giant is a prestigious name in the international pump industry. True to its name, Little Giant products are compact but powerful. Also, the people behind the brand are unassuming but reliable and extremely knowledgeable. The number of businesses and industries that Little Giant services are unmatched by any other brand. In a history spanning more than 80 years, the brand has established itself as a true giant of the pump industry.


The history of Little Giant goes back to 1926 when plumber RM Wolfe was struggling with pumps failing at a fast rate. This was the time when air conditioning had begun to become popular, and every unit needed a pump to get water up to a screen for evaporative cooling. Frustrated with the available pumps of that time, Wolfe teamed up with inventor Harry Goodman to create the world’s first evaporative pump.

The Little Giant vaporizer was born in 1941, and with it, the Little Giant brand was formed. This patented pump laid down the foundation of a company dedicated to solving pumping problems across the world. Today, the brand is one of the top names in the water transfer market. It specializes in several products, including effluent, wastewater, sewage, sump, dewatering, condensate, utility pumps, and magnetic drive pumps. Little Giant also specializes in low-pressure sewage systems and water garden pumps and products.

Some of the noteworthy Little Giant pond pumps to consider are:

PE Series

The Little Giant PE Series are direct-drive submersible pond pumps designed to be used continuously. Since the motor shaft is fixed to the impeller, the pump can generate higher starting torque and higher pressure than the magnetic drive pumps.


Little Giant 566608, Model PE-1F-PW, Series PE, Direct Drive Pond Pump

The PE Series pumps are better-suited for simple applications, such as fountains and pond circulation. With a low head and compact design, the PE Series can be fitted in any pond system.

At PumpProducts, you can buy the 566608, 566611, and 566612 models.

PES Series

The Little Giant PES Series are magnetic drive submersible pond pumps built for uninterrupted use. They use magnetic force to run, and the impeller and motor are not attached as in the PE Series. When the motor rotates, the magnet fixed to the motor housing moves the magnet connected to the impeller.


Little Giant 566720, Model PES-700-PW, Series PES, Magnetic Drive Pond Pump

These pumps use relatively less energy and are very well suited for pond circulation or fountain systems. They are also great for low height and high flow applications, like tabletop fountains.

PumpProducts carries the models 566720, 566721, and 566722.

WGP Series

The Little Giant WGP Series are direct-drive pumps built for continuous use. These pumps are better suited for water features that are at a height, such as waterfalls. You can install these pumps vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs.

Little Giant 566409, WGP-65-PW Dual Discharge Pond/Waterfall Pump


These pumps come with a dual discharge design. The design allows them to perform two functions at the same time. For example, one port could circulate water, while the other port pumps water to a waterfall.

At PumpProducts, you can buy the models 566407 and 566409.

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